Who we are

At Piropo everything has a deeper meaning. Flowers convey an abundance of feelings and emotions. Florals bridge the gap between the sender and the receiver in communicating these emotions.

  • mission

    Piropo Flowers is a space for the floral art preparation. Our mission is to lead a project of aesthetic creation, protection, and appreciation of nature, spreading loving relationships between human beings, enhancing the power of flowers in every life. Together, we’re using flowers to advance causes of solidarity with the community allowing a more sustainable & inclusive planet. 

  • vision

    Our vision is to become the leading company in New York in the flower’s bouquet and arrangement market. Playing a key role in society through our objectives to better serve more consumers. To be a reference in the field of floral art and community solidarity. We will strive to educate our customers on the importance and care of our products.

  • values

    The people who work at Piropo Flowers, identify us with ethical values, such as: LOVE, GENEROSITY, CHARITY, HONESTY.